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Africa is known for its diverse ethnicities, cultures, and languages. It is even popular for wildlife safaris showcasing their ecology and biodiversity. It is believed the animals in the continent are graced with greater freedom than in other continents. These wild animals, running rampant in their ecology, raise a mighty danger flag. That is why experienced personnel from African and Abroad Safe Travels offer you an exciting journey in a safe manner. The safety measures are not only there for wildlife safaris but also for hiking excursions in the national parks and the volcanoes of Kenya. If you don’t know the terrain well enough, then you should have someone who does before you embark on your journey.




African and abroad safe travels are a must to enjoy your journey to the fullest. You can’t be bothered with what to do when you see rampant megafauna approaching your ride, wouldn’t you like to take a snap before you turn tail? A backpacker always packs light with only the essentials, what if those essentials are unknown? And from unknown it reminds me, there are many excursions on active volcanoes in Africa, what if you take a wrong step? Thinking about all these things will sap all the fun out of your trips. A wildlife safari is all about experiencing and observing the animals in their natural habitat. The exciting experience will only double if you have personnel who are adept to all these situations and help you in creating even better memories in the wild.


Visit for exciting tours guided by expert locals. They will guide you through difficult terrains with ease and take proper care of you and your group. You will be as welcomed as in home and moreover, African and abroad safe travels plus (as we call it) will give you some pretty good benefits and you will definitely enjoy it. You can opt for African volunteering and help the community while you enjoy your stay here in the continent, i.e. if you are looking forward to it.